Area of Practice - Criminal Defense


Motions to suppress

You have been stopped by a police officer, you may or may not have made a statement, ask Melinda F. Seemar if you have the facts to support a motion to suppress the statement.  You have been stopped by a police officer without any reason to be detained and you have been searched without a search warrant, ask Melinda F. Seemar if you have the fact to support a motion to suppress the evidence.  Melinda F. Seemar vigorously defends the fourth amendment of the US Constitution.  

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juvenile criminal charges do matter and they may follow the juvenile.  For example, in Virginia, a juvenile felony conviction will remain on that person's record for life.  If the juvenile was age 14 or older, he/she is prohibited from possession of a firearm.  Make sure you understand juvenile criminal law.  Melinda F. Seemar vigorously represents juveniles charged with a crime.  

property crimes

Theft, burglary, robbery, computer crimes, shoplifting, possession of a stolen vehicle, unlawful use of a vehicle, forgery, credit card fraud are all property crimes carrying from minimum consequences to enormous consequences.  Make sure you consult an attorney to discuss your charges, your record and how this may effect you.  Melinda F. Seemar vigorously represents those charged with property crimes.  



As part of your sentence, you may see that you have a suspended sentence.  For example, your sentencing order may say that you are sentenced to 5 years and 3 of those years are suspended conditioned on good behavior, cooperation with probation officer, payment of restitution, etc.  What this means is that if you violate your probation, then you will serve 2 years and that if you get in trouble and not do what your probation officer says, then you may have to serve the two years or any part of those two years.  Melinda F. Seemar has handled many of these probation matter violations.  Call for a free consultation about your probation violation.  

Misdemeanors/ Felonies

A Class 1 misdemeanor carries a possible jail sentence of 12 months and/or a fine of $2500.  There are different classes of felonies and each of them carry certain number of years and/or a fine.  Find out more about what you have been charged with and the possible jail/prison time your charges carry.  

Sexual offenses

An accusation of a sex crime is extremely damaging and can bring your whole life to a halt.  Generally, the question is one of credibility.  In Virginia, Melinda F. Seemar represents people charged with indecent liberties, rape, object sexual penetration, sodomy, internet child pornography, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault.  Immediate legal representation is essential with these charges.  The cards become stacked against you immediately.  There are certain enhancement penalties in place in Virginia that, if convicted, for a second time, give you mandatory life imprisonment.  Don't let a conviction put you half way to a life sentence.  Call Melinda F. Seemar to help you vigorously defend your rights.  


Being charged with reckless driving, driving on a suspended license can carry consequences, including jail time and fines.  Talk to an experienced traffic attorney to help you navigate the court system.  

weapons and firearms charges

To use or to threaten to use a firearm in the commission of crime can significantly increase the seriousness of your case.  In Virginia, using a firearm during the commission of a felony can add a mandatory prison term to your sentence.  If a weapon is present in any drug case, including possession, possession with intent to distribute, the potential consequences increase dramatically.  Melinda F. Seemar represents a variety of people charged in weapons related cases.  While weapons charges are often very serious, you have the right to defend yourself and to lawfully use of possess a firearm.  Call Melinda F. Seemar if you are charged in a weapons related case.  

assault and domestic violence cases

Assault cases, particularly those between family or household members, can have a serious impact on you or a loved one's life.  If a family member has been charged with assault and battery it may take time for that person to be released from jail.  You may have to have a bond hearing, post bond, file a motion to amend the bond condition or a motion to appeal your denial of bond.  Call Melinda F. Seemar to help you navigate through the many strains and complications an assault may be causing in your life or your loved one's life.  

Drug Offenses

Drug offenses carry severe prison sentences.  If you are charged with a first offense, second offense, or third offense, your liberty could be seriously affected.  The biggest problem with most clients who are charged with a drug offense is that they feel as though if they talk, they will create a relationship with the officer and the officer will be lenient with them. Wrong.  If you are charged with a drug offense or believe you are going to be charged with a drug offense.  Contact an attorney immediately.  Melinda F. Seemar vigorously defends client accused of drug offenses and can advise you of sentence you could be facing with the charges that you have.

Family Law

Having been involved with family law extensively since 1998, I have tried numerous custody matters, divorce trials, including complex equitable distribution, child support matters, and participated with clients through mediation and negotiation of property settlement agreements.   I have appreciated all of my clients and thank them for their  support of me.  Currently, I am accepting family cases by referral only.