I am a criminal defense trial attorney.  I have been practicing in all of the courts of the Tidewater area, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth for the last eighteen years.  I am currently accepting clients that have been charged with crimes, either misdemeanors or felonies.  If you are seeking divorce or family law attorney, I am accepting those clients by referral only at this time.  

 As criminal defense attorney, not only do I provide services in the circuit courts and in the general district courts, but I am a tireless advocate in the traffic courts and the juvenile and domestic relations courts as well.  

Many times when you are charged by a crime, you are embarrassed or scared because you do not understand what you have been charged with or why and what the next step is.  Set up your free half hour consultation -- Let me explain to you what your rights are, what procedures you will need to understand to navigate the court system successfully and exactly what the commonwealth needs to prove to find you guilty.  We can discuss pleas, bench trials and jury trial.  My goal is to make sure you understand what you have been charged with, what evidence the prosecutor must have to prove you guilty and strategize about the possibilities.  Call 757.622.6011 for an appointment today.




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